Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Company's Exhibition

During the last month, I was busy with preparation for our company's exhibition. Well, actually that wasn't exhibition for commercial purpose. It was an exhibition for government programs. But still, it needs trade show exhibits to make it run well.

The preparation itself needed lot of times. My team was assigned to prepare the material needs for exhibition. In the mean time, I had to contact an event sponsor (organizer)to help us assist with selecting exhibit space and more event services.
After preparing space for booths, that was a time to choose representative booths with low budget.
Well yeah, it's true, we don't have any exhibition items. So another alternative at that time was "rent" it from a recommended company. Fortunately, we found the one which offered us a variety exhibition items with low budget.

One day before the exhibition, the booths was full with well-ordered table. There was table, table and table. As long as you can see, table was everywhere!
To make it more attractive, we used printed table covers which about represented the subject of exhibition. And at one corner, we used a table top display with panel system, which will inform the guests and the visitors about our company.

At the main stage, we also set the booths with some of director chairs on it (of course we choose the best one made of the hardwood material). Those was purposely set for our director and the main guests in the main show.
Well,honestly, it was such exhausted preparation at all. But, fortunately, we set all well, and those was the best experience ever!

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